Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 12 With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 12 With English Subtitles

Ottoman – Part 12
The people of Anatolia were forced to live in the Byzantine Empire during the Mongol invasion. The Kai tribe is a border guard who continues to be present in Söğüt.

The tribes are in a state of constant red alert because of their location to face the Byzantine threat. A power vacuum was created after the condition and pain of the erythrocyte gas.

The power struggle that ensued as a result of this war of attrition was between ‘Uthman, the brave and courageous son of Erturul Gazi and’ Uthman’s uncle; Dundar and Gundus are the best in the state.

Dundar is the second most successful politician in the world after his older brother, Ertigul Ghazi. After his brother’s illness, the hunger for power increased. Born in this way, Dundar is ready to defeat anyone who opposes him.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 12 With English Subtitles

Aigul, on the other hand, is in charge of women’s affairs in the Kai tribe, and from an early age they loved Osman and wanted to marry him. The brave and beautiful Bala Hanim,

the daughter of Sheikh Idebali, came after some truths to protect her people. Both Balanham and ‘Uthman’s path is crossed, as they put the future of their people ahead of their own.

They fall in love at first sight. Although betrayal and intrigue pose a great obstacle to their love. Osman fights inside and out of Bala Hanim to reunite with Bala Hanim, overcoming the future of the Kai tribe and the obstacles they face.

The Ottomans – Episode 12

The people of Anatolia were forced to live in conditions of danger posed by the existence of the Byzantine Empire during the Mongol invasion.

The Kayı tribe is the guard who remains in Söğüt. Because of where the tribe is located in the face of Byzantine threat, they are constantly on a state of red alert. Given the turbulent Gaza conditions and disease,

a power vacuum was created. The power struggle caused by this princely war is between the Ottomans, who are the hero and the brave, the youngest son of the unfortunate Ghazni, and the Ottoman uncle;

Dundar and Giunduz, who are well versed in state affairs

Dundar is the most successful man in politics after his older brother, the one-eyed Gaza. After his brother’s illness broke out,

his hunger for power increased. Dundar is born ready to defeat those who will be against him on the way to power. Aiguli, in turn,

is responsible for the administration of women who live in the Kai tribe and since childhood she has loved the Ottomans and wants to marry her. The brave and beautiful Bala Hanim

who is the daughter of Sheikh Edabal,

tries to protect her people. As both give priority to the future of their people, the path of Bala Hanim and Osman was crossed. They love at first sight. However, betrayal and conspiracies pose great obstacles to their love.

The Ottomans are fighting internally and externally, both for the future of the Kai tribe, as well as for returning to Bala Hanim and overcoming the obstacles they face.

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