The Message Movie In Urdu Dubbing

The Message Movie In Urdu Dubbing

Probably the biggest gif ever to deal with Islam. This is the seventh century Mecca, where powerful leaders are in conflict with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who attacks their way of life and the injustice that results from it.

After seeing the angel Gabriel AS, he called people to get rid of 300 idols from the Kaaba and to worship only one god. The leaders respond with persecution, forcing Muslims to leave Mecca and seek refuge in Medina.

After the revelation from God, the Messenger agreed to take up arms on Mecca and fight until justice would rule. The idols of the Kaaba were destroyed and the sanctuary was dedicated to the worship of one God.

It is a wonderful Islamic epic, produced and directed by Mostafa El Akkad. This classic movie has influenced thousands of Muslims around the world and should be a part of every home video library. Great gift! The film was also approved by Al-Azhar University.

The Message in Urdu Dubbing

The Message in Arabic is an Islamic historical film directed by Mustafa Al-Akkad. It was a joint venture between Libya, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, and the United Kingdom.

Message review:

The epic drama focuses on the role of his uncle Hazrat Hamza (RA) and highlights some aspects of the blessed life of the Prophet of Islam. {S.A.W. }

begins with the Prophet Muhammad {S.A.W. } The Mission of the Islamic Call to Islam In its early days

During their mission, the Prophet {S.A.W. } and his companions, who were a minority in Arabia, faced threats, boycotts, and battles not only from their fiercest enemies but also from their own people. The movie is about these few incidents.

Many of them later converted to Islam in the latter part of their lives

Criticism of the message:

Even before its release, the film was widely criticized by the Muslim world. However, out of respect for Islamic tradition, the letter does not show any image or sound of the Prophet.

The Message Movie In Urdu Dubbing

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