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Introduction to Osman Bey’s Triumph


Establishing Peace in the Frontier: The Conquest of Kulucahisar Castle

With the conquest of Kulucahisar Castle, Osman Bey attracted the wrath of Constantinople and the emperor himself, as he solidified peace in the frontier regions. This move stirred the Byzantine Emperor into action, prompting him to dispatch his most experienced commander, Aya Nikola, to the region. The success of this Turkish bey, who became the beacon of hope for all tribes, posed a threat to Byzantine ambitions.

Unveiling Byzantine Ambitions: The Surprise Raid

A surprise attack on the summer pasture of the Kayı Tribe exposed Byzantine intentions, igniting Osman Bey’s determination to hold the perpetrators accountable. Taking on the responsibility bestowed upon him by the Aksakallılar (Elders), Osman Bey rallied his Alps to action. Mehmed Fetihler English

Ertuğrul Bey’s Return: Restoring Balance

The return of Ertuğrul Bey was met with fervor in the Kayı Tribe, as they sought to heal their wounds. Will Osman Bey and his Alps succeed in neutralizing the Byzantine army? What task will Osman Bey undertake at the behest of the Aksakallılar? How will Ertuğrul Bey’s return alter the dynamics within the Kayı Tribe? Selahaddin


Aya Nikola’s Strategy: Reasserting Byzantine Dominion alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu English

Amidst the frontier, Aya Nikola strategizes to reestablish Byzantine dominance. What measures will he employ to achieve this goal? Can Bala Hatun escape the clutches of the Byzantine assault on the Kayı Tribe? alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu English

Osman Bey: A Symbol of Resilience and Love

With coal-black eyes, Osman Bey ignited the flames of struggle and freedom. His name resonated with valor and determination, guided by the power of love. Amidst lands soaked in blood and tears, he envisioned the dream of a nation transcending boundaries and obstacles, fueled by love. Selahaddin

The Power of Love: A Driving Force

Osman Bey derived his strength not from his sword but from love. Standing against tyranny with justice and offering freedom to the oppressed, he etched his name in history with love. Selahaddin

The Dawn of Rebellion: Hope for the Oppressed

In defiance of the oppressive order that subdued 72 nations, the silent cries of the oppressed found hope in the rebellion. Thus, the name of “Kuruluş Osman” became synonymous with the march from a 400-tent encampment to the establishment of a global empire, fueled by divine love. Mehmed Fetihler English

Conclusion: The Saga of Kuruluş Osman

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