Destan Episode 17 With English Subtitles

Destan Episode 17 With English Subtitles

Epic Chapter 17:
The known sky is divided into two, select the Temer side

Alpagu Khan declares war on Balameer and Cholpan when they capture the western Ghoukanate. When the sons of all the chiefs killed by Alpagu Khan leave him and join Balameer, only one solution remains; China’s request for salt replacement Batuga’s prediction that China will attack if the country is divided comes true.

To prevent this, Akis and Batuga split up and they carry out a major operation. Timur chooses his side and stands near Batuga. Akis and Timur allied with the Sabars and attacked all the salt shops in Gok Khanate. On the other hand, Batuga and Salt want to pacify their tribes, which have been devastated by the smallpox epidemic and salt shortage, with the promise of a smallpox vaccine and salt.

Mano wants to marry Akis against his mother

The grand scheme of Akis and Batuga does not please Balamir, who is playing for the new state’s Khanate, and he intends to eliminate Batuga.

Can Batuga, who wants to force Alpagu to see the nobles take the salt given to China, save Balamir, and tell all the truth to his father Alpagu Khan?

How will Akis react to the marriage proposal of Mancho, the leader of the Sabers, to find his dead mother?

Destan Episode 17 With English Subtitles

In the first part of the epic; In the 8th century, a savage era ruled Central Asia, a country that had not yet embraced Islam. China has pointed its fangs at the feet of the Turks, the Russian Varangians, the Mongols, the Sogdians, the Persians are waiting in the trap.

Seemingly not enough, the Turkish tribes calling the same wing “Atam” have fallen into battle with each other. There was great animosity between the Gök Khanate and the Dag Khanate, both of whom were Turks.

Under these political circumstances, Alpagu Khan, the great khan of the Gök Khanate, decided to take the daughter of his brother Balamir Yabgu, whom he suspected of committing a rebellion, as a bride for his lame son Batuga.

He gathered his family and traveled to the Western Gök Khanate to ask for a girl. Great danger awaits them on the way: The mountain hero Akkız, who has been burning with the fire of revenge since childhood!

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Destan Episode 17 With English Subtitles

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