Watch Barbaroslar With English Urdu & Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar With English Urdu & Hindi Subtitles

The Drama is about the ascension of four brothers coming out of Lesvos, facing dangers, and becoming conquerors of the seas; It tells the story of the adventures of Isaac, Oruc, Khizar, and Elias, the four sons of Yaqub Agha, a sepoy who becomes the Barbaros brothers.

With Zainab, whose life is in danger because of him, Hisar embarks on a very difficult journey to escape Pietro’s men and place his trust in Master Sulaiman. Understanding the situation, Pietro gathered all the means to find ways to reach the trust and Hisar.

Meanwhile, Khizar and Zainab seem to be so separated that they will never meet again, but fate will reunite them.
Oruc and Elias are amazed to find out who is the head of the trap set for them. They will find themselves in a dispute again.

Barbaroslar With English Urdu & Hindi Subtitles

Pirate Antoine imprisons Isaac as he watches his family’s murder in front of his eyes. In the midst of severe persecution, Isaac uttered the names of his brothers, almost as if begging for help. Antoine, whose only goal is to kill Orus and avenge his brother, waits patiently until Orus arrives to rescue his landlord.

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Who set the trap for Orus and Elias?
Will Isaac be able to escape Antony’s clutches?
Can Khizar hand over those entrusted to Master Sulaiman?

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